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Sad day yesterday... and its still going :(


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Wow, glad you finally got it and the wrong person didnt just keep it for him/herself. When the Surface was released, my wife didnt hear anyone knock or ring the bell, so the driver took it back to the distribution office. I called to get the address and during my lunch hour, I went and got it myself. I didnt want to wait for the next day.


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MS might do it to keep their customer happy because of an error by their vendor in delivery. The OP is not a customer of UPS (for this transaction) MS is, so UPS needs to make ti up to MS (even MS had to initiate the delivery failure request). So MS should offer some sort of perk for the inconvenience to their customer and UPS should make that up to MS.

Really UPS should be very happy with this as well since they may only have to reimburse MS for a $50 gift certificate instead of a $500 tablet.


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I can only hope for anything really, it sounded like they were going to do something for the inconvenience when I was on the phone with MS, but we'll see..


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Have to agree with guitar, UPS should be getting the blame from both sides - MIcrosoft for screwing up a customers order, and you for delivering your purchase to the wrong address. If Microsoft does anything for you, that's really going above and beyond - hope they do.


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I'm not suprised at all with the UPS experience, I have friends that suffered from the same. But honesty is the best policy, and just let Microsoft know you got it. Tell them also about the emotional stress, and maybe they will play Santa and throw in a Touch Mouse. :)