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Had my Surface Book stolen yesterday.

Adding to the story. When I went to buy my new Surface Book it was 150.00 off. I had the 1899.00 model so I got the 2 year support plan. They offered me the Surface Dock instead of the 150 off which i took the 150 off. Then they offered me a choice of one of 3 bags and Office 365 for year for 50.00 which i declined. But I took the water damaged Surface Book with me. The tech was able to separate the clipboard from the base with a paperclip. He looked at it and said there is no evidence of water damage and said I should create a case with MS support. I went online and created and they sent a Fedex shipping label. I received and notice last Friday it had been inspected and a replacement will be processed. Well I just got the the notice that it has arrived at the local FEDEX office. My girlfriend has offered to buy it.
Good ending, but a very dumb kid for spraying water on an electronic device. Yeah, if say let it rest too, if the dumb kid actually learnt from this, good for him, if not, well he'll meet his doom somewhere else.

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