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San Diego Microsoft Store


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I visited the San Diego Microsoft store this afternoon. My impressions were:

Surface Pro: Certainly a bit larger than the RT. I immediately noticed it was quicker than the RT. It was slightly warm to the touch. I didn't notice fan noise. All display models I looked at were all 128GB. I played with the pen in OneNote and thought it was seamless. The power adapter seemed to click into the tablet easier than the RT. I ask the CSR how many Pro's they had in stock and he replied, "we have a few 64GB remaining". I asked when the 128 would be restocked and he said, "I'm not sure, but if we get 100 and you are 101 on the waiting list you will have to wait for the second shipment". Those were his exact words. Sounds to me like they are expecting 100 128's soon or more likely he was trying to get me on the waiting list. After being a RT owner for eleven weeks I'm not certain the Pro is worth paying twice-as-much for.

Wedge Mouse. Saw two models, one for the Surface (matching colors) and one for desktops, laptops, etc. Operation was very smooth. It was actually a lot smaller than what I perceived it would be. I also don't understand why a Surface owner would want one for their tablet. It defeats the purpose of touch.

Windows Phones. I'm up for a new cell in March. I looked at the Lumina 920 which I'm leaning towards.


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The Lumia 920, grey unit, is more expensive that the Surface RT, also grey unit. Crazy phone prices, hope you're getting it on a plan.