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Saying good bye to my Pro 2

Should I upgrade?

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Okay everyone, I bought my Spro2 brand new back in 2013. it is now ancient and has lasted me until now but I think I am going to need to move up to a newer surface. I LOVE my surface but, I am now doing video editing (youtube). In adobe premiere the play back with no editing done to it will not play while exhausting my CPU. I record in 4K and edit in 4K. I do vlogs and instructional videos so nothing too crazy special effects wise. I am honestly not sure why it won't even play back video. I thought it was because it was on an external HD but I moved some videos to the surface it's self and they still won't play back in Premiere. Also, a while back I tried to reinstall the machine and it flat out refused!

So my question is Should I upgrade? I currently have a Spro2 256GB. I will be using this as my primary editing and exporting machine. I do enjoy using my husband desktop BUT, we have 3 kids so I need to be able to edit out of the house and using a docking station at home when I am able to edit at home on a larger screen and nicer key board. In addition I also love to do digital illustration on my surface such as the on you see in this post. I basically use all the adobe programs for the creative things I do. Toss your suggestions at me! :)