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SB Smooth I mean jumpy scrolling office 2016


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I just installed office 2016. What is up with the scrolling in outlook and excel. It is absolutely horrible!!!! I feel like I am using a 1o year old computer. I have also noticed some graphics tearing while scrolling in websites, Is this a display driver problem? I will try and fix this but I think this SB and all this MS stuff is going back. I converted all my excel spreadsheets today to Apple numbers for my ipad pro and it is working like a charm. Why Microsoft are we having all these problems with a great piece of hardware. You lured me from Apple with your great hardware but.....


SB is going back... I just installed office 2016 on my Yoga 3 pro and outlook an excel scroll like butter. I spend a good amount of time in these 2 programs for them to function poorly.


well delete all my posts if you want. Sorry if I bothered anyone. The sp4 were returned for poor battery life. My yoga s windows just fine. You should say Surface products are not for everyone. My Wifes asus and both my kids Lenovos run windows just fine also.


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I have a customer with a Yoga 900, hope your Yoga works better than hers. She and it are beginning to be a pain.


I picked it up really cheap. Its thin and light and will only use 1% battery if I leave it laying there for week. great backup machine. Good luck guys.
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