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SB2 15" Fan speed


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I seem to have an issue with right fan on my SB2 15". Due to me living in Europe, i want to try to first diagnose and fix this by myself before sending it in somewhere.

The right fan seems to not be running. I am not sure if this is due to update I recieved yesterday or if it was to some external reason (i work in industrial enviroment, I try to take care of the latpop, but I won't deny that something might have happened to it...).

I want to first read fan speed - for sure left fan is ramping up and running - but I think it's not at full power.

Also I've noticed a bit more thermal throttle - but I work in 40 Celsius, plus my area is also suffering from a heatwave.

There is no problem in gaming I believe...

In AIDA64 I didn't go over 55 degrees but it was throttling.

So the questions from me are:
1) Is it possible to somehow check fan speed? (HWMONITOR etc didn't detect any fan)
2) Do You know if the laptop can be serviced outside the country it was bought in ? (I've got it in USA and shipped to europe)