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    SB2 15" Fan speed

    Hello, I seem to have an issue with right fan on my SB2 15". Due to me living in Europe, i want to try to first diagnose and fix this by myself before sending it in somewhere. The right fan seems to not be running. I am not sure if this is due to update I recieved yesterday or if it was to...
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    SP4 i7 Loud Fan

    Hi Guys, I have the SP4 i7 256gb model. I purchased this three days ago and have noticed, when running a game like Minecraft, my CPU is at around 25% and memory at around 55% - however, the fans seem to be on full speed. I have uploaded a screenshot of this. They are very audible and there is...
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    Fan start to spin when charging

    Today, after a week or two of light use (which is quite nice), I had to charge my Surface Book, so I plugged in the cable and put the computer to sleep by pressing the power button. A minute or two after that, the fans started to spin very fast. I touched the computer and noticed it was very...
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    SP4 Fan Params ?

    Hi all, while gaming, the SP4 is going warm. But the problem is that the fan does not activate itself, and the SP4 shuts down to cool down. I tried to find the fan's parameters and looked for related topics on the internet, without success. Does somebody know about this ? Thanks in advance...
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    How to make the i5/i7 SP4 fanless

    Hi everyone! I am wondering, is there a way to make the Surface Pro 4 with i5/i7 processors fanless? Sometimes my SP4 (I do not know why) even when just surfing with opera (not even playing videos) or reading PDFs starts to heat and turns on the fan. This can be pretty annoying and even...
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    Bizarre Fan Behaviour - Strange sounds even in sleep mode

    Hi all. Does anyone else have a fan that makes weird occasional ticking, or popping noises when it is either first coming on (ramping up), or when it is ramping down? Also, when the fan is running and audible, if you then hit the sleep button to turn the screen and fan off, and then immediately...
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    CPU while browsing

    Hi! I recently bought a Surface Pro 3. I have the i7, 256 gb-version. First of all, I'm a mac user, this is my first pc for 6-7 years. I bought it mostly to do retouching on the fly. I upgraded from win 8.1 to win 10. Ever since I got it, the fan goes up and down like crazy. It mostly...
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    Heating, fan ON and Memory drain

    Hi! Since I Update to windows 10 the fan stay on all the time and around 40% of memory is used all the time, even if I'm not using my surface. How can I solve this?