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David Francis

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I've scoured the net looking for this answer and haven't had any luck. I've even taken it to the MS store where they simply replaced the unit with a brand new one (was within 14 days) and the issue still persists.

I'm unable to play HDR content or anything above 1080P in video streaming from sources like Netflix. To limit my discussion to Netflix, I've tried it in Edge as well as with the Netflix app. Windows Update is current. Latest Nvidia drivers installed (at rec of ms tech) even though the Intel UHD chip should support HDR too. I've enabled HDR for video playback, verified I have the right codecs installed, and have had MS support remote into my machine to correct it.

I've seen many people reporting this problem all over the web. I've seen some people post that they resolved the issue but nothing seems to work for me. If I go into Advanced Display settings, the display is listed as 8bit and SDR. I know 10 bit is required. I'm also told the Netflix app will not play HDR content unless it is listed properly in the Advanced Display settings. I checked several of the SB2s they had on display at the store and none of their's show HDR or 10 bit, either. Yet some people are reporting they're able to play HDR content in the app or in edge and some people are reporting resolutions @ 1440p which I'd happily settle for.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you!

David Francis
SB2 13" i7 / 8GB