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Scaling for WhatsApp web


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I regularly use WhatsApp web while using my Surface Pro in tablet mode. Sometimes if the on screen keyboard pops up I can see the text box in which I am typing and sometimes the text does shift up, but the input box is just behind the on screen keyboard.

I don't know what is different when I can see the text box opposed to when I cannot see it.

Anyone recognize this? What can I do to show the text box every time?


I have that same issue on many websites. Therefore I use the floating keyboard so that I can slide it to a different position.
But I think this is something the OS should already do that for me. Hopefully Microsoft will fix this bug in the next update.


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It seems to have improved over time. I don't have this issue as often anymore. And if I do: the floating keyboard is a solution.
What I dislike is that for example with Microsoft Teams in the chat window it doesn't work very well either. And my word prediction doesn't seem to work then as well.