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Scratches. Abundant and annoying. Feedback appreciated.


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First off, pleased to join such a passionate and vehement community.

Second, I use VBulletin hundreds of times a day and yes, I've used the forum search function prior to this post.

Lastly, very, very proud owner of a Surface Pro and within the past 13 days a Surface Pro 2. Both are amazing, powerful, and satiate 99.24% of my needs.

The small percentage of what's bothering me? The fact that both cases scratch. Sure, anything is vulnerable to fine scratches, especially these amazing devices we
invested into. I'm concerned that both my Surfaces have scratched on their VaporMg casings from normal usage. I'm borderline anal-retentive with my toys, and I am saddened to say that neither of these devices can stand up to high-maintenance care and consideration.

Has anyone noticed that the highly-touted VaporMg finish lacks durability?


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Don't have or use the SP versions, but I do use the Surface 2 currently and used the RT version previously (for about 9 months). Can't say that I have experienced the same issues as you have on either device. But I do keep reading off and on about such complaints. There are, of course, some documented claims about the finish of the Surface RT (1st Gen) peeling off - I think you can find those posts on this forum.


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There are certainly threads about VaporMg peeling around here. There were early batch problems in the first generation that lead to more aggressive flaking and peeling, and there are more long-standing complaints about scratching around the ports--OP, are your scratches mostly around the ports?

It's unfortunate (Surface 2 doesn't have this problem because it's essentially a "naked" chassis), but the most minimal solution is to get a decal/skin. There are a few vendors that supply skins including the sides where the ports are.


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Hi, I have been having my Surface Pro 2 for a few weeks. I am over all quite happy with the device but it takes me totally aback how incredibly poorly the Surface's surface is engineered! Sliding its back for only a few inches on any kind of surface harder than let's say than velvet decorates adds a few more scratches. Just a ridiculous! And the charging port shoulb be called scratch magnet! :eek:mg:



I must have gotten lucky. My Pro has not a single scratch anywhere that I can notice.

It is, however, continually covered with greasy fingerprints no matter how careful I am with it.