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Screen blanks out after 2 minutes


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I've had my Surface tablet about 9 days. Over the last two days the screen has been blanking out after two minutes. It can be restored by touching the space bar, only to go blank again. Interrupted computing is no fun. I don't whether the problem is a setup issue or is related to a defective unit. The community's thoughts would much appreciated. Thanks.
Try to go to the "Desktop" > in the lower right you should see what looks like a "battery" > when you click on it to open you should see "more power options" > check the screen power settings.
Thanks, Trenton T, for the revelation. It appears to have solved MY problem, and was not, as I feared, the tablet's. I don't how the sleep function wavered from the default setting, but from now on I'll tell it when to go to bed. Thanks again.