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SP4 - Screen Randomly goes blank, becomes unresponsive.


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So...I just got my first Surface, less than 48 hours ago (I7, 16GB Ram, 1TB HD).

It's going wonky on me. Every single time I turn it on, the screen eventually goes blank in the middle of active use.

The device does not appear to turn off - The keyboard lights remain on. However, while the backlight appears to stay active, the screen is completely blank. The only way I've been able to recover is by holding down the power button until the backlight goes off and then starting it back up again.

Of note:

1) As best as I can tell, all available updates (including the 1/27 FW update are installed)
2) I have been able to successfully active Win 10 Enterprise.

This has happened as early as when I've swiped up to log on, and has happened no later than 10 minutes after logging on. The system has remained stable no longer than 10 minutes. Not once.

I attempted to reset the machine. It happened during post-system-reset configuration.

It's driving me nuts. Any thoughts?

Thanks much!


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I've tried the various restore/reset options in Windows 10. The problem promptly happens again during the post-restore "welcome to windows" walkthrough itself.