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SPro stopped recognizing external monitor


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Hi. Any help with this would be appreciated.
At the end of last week there were Windows updates. At the end of the day, I let it update and shut down. The next morning when I turned on my SPro, it no longer recognized that it was plugged in to an external monitor. Nothing physical had changed (it had stayed plugged in to the monitor, the wall etc.) I highly doubted it was a physical or hardware problem. Nonetheless, I tried plugging it to another monitor to no avail. I took it to the MS store where because of their monitor, they could not test my connecting plug, but with their wires, they were not able to reproduce the problem. They said it must be the wire. Before going to buy a new connector, I came home and tried again. It now worked, BUT the screens were switched. Even though my surface settings said that the surface screen was screen number 1, the icons and everything were on the external monitor - suggesting to me that there was a software issue confusing it and it was not a hardware or connector problem.
Again last night, I turned it off and it did updates. Again this morning, it is not recognizing that an external monitor is plugged in. The monitor stays in sleep mode. I have rebooted, have unplugged and rebooted. I have tried changing the settings to no external monitor and back again to more than one (it says there is not external monitor detected... but it is there and plugged in!)
Any thoughts or help would be welcome.
Thank you!