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screen flex?


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I just started to notice this recently and want make sure my surface is not an odd one out.

anyway, this is most noticeable when a light is right above it and the glare is noticeable. Anyway when I press in the center of the screen, the gorrila glass flexes... Quite a bit more than I thought glass was capable of. I would take the screen as a plastic and not a glass.

The only reason I bring it up is I want to make sure the LCD panel will not shatter if the screen gets presses too hard.

Can someone confirm that it is ok for the screen to do that?


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The glass is quite flexible. Skip to 1:45 specifically for the bending. You shouldn't have any issues. You shouldn't also be seeing much flex but this is subjective. While you describe it as plastic others might not notice it at all so it is hard to say. The only way you can find out is to go to Best Buy, Staples or an MS store and try the same test on other Surface tablets to see if yours is truly abnormal.