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Screen Flicker??


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Whenever I turn screen brightness all the way down on my surface it randomly flickers. This is of course very annoying when trying to watch movies etc. Anybody else experience this issue? Any fixes?


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I don't have a surface so I can't comment on if other devices have the same issue. I would however try to fully update the OS hoping for an update to the screen driver.


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no updates yet. It seems to only be an issue when the screen is set to its lowest brightness and I've only noticed the flickering when using the modern video app. If I take the brightness up to around 10 % the flickering seems to be not as bad.


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I noticed this when it was installing the updates.. I was playing around with a few apps when this was happening and then the screen started flickering towards the bottom. I had to do a soft reset. since then everything has been fine.


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It must be due to the light sensor sensitivity and perhaps software driven. I can't see too many scenarios where someone would leave the setting that low. I'm sure it will get fixed.


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I believe if you turn off the option for automatic screen brightness it should stop. It did on mine anyway.


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this post was in 2012. In 2016, with top of line SP4 we still have this issue! A copy of my post in the SP4 forum here....

I have the same issue. On latest insider build and when I set the brightness low (below 25%) the flicker starts and gets worse the darker you go. Very disappointing. Need fix for this and several other issues (battery life, display driver crashes, WiFi connection issues, explorer crashes) or the damn thing is going back for a refund. SP3 was great but SP4 feels like a step backward. Shame as had expected it to be faster, cooler, quieter, longer lasting and more stable. The opposite is true. Screen size / resolution is biggest improvement but that's not enough to warrant over £1500.

Please please please MS, focus hard on fixing these issues with your flagship devices. At the prices being charged (and replacements offered only as refurbished devices) these issues are seriously undermining the trust of Windows Insider and teetering fanboys like myself, in your products and services. Do hope you take heed of these posts (and please don't ask me to reset my device!) As part of a wider rant, disappointing support for Windows Phone and a proper flagship and for the first time in 5 years I'm seriously thinking of switching to Apple/ Android.