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Is Flickering Brightness Still an Issue on Surface 5 (Surface Laptop)

Update... When doing the reset after all looked well, the video of Cortana guiding us through the steps turned into a negative, as in blue was yellow, etc. Very broken pixels...

I finished the setup, all looked great, and after only installing the windows updates and the mouse, the thing seems good, except at times, on battery, it doesn't seem to want to stick to a light level (I did turn off auto). It often flips from the very low brightness I want to full brightness. (I need to use this at night at low brightness.) It does seem to work OK if I allow it to choose the light level, etc.

I spent the evening testing a variety of settings and then searching more online.

I found these two posts, which describes my experience exactly. It appears to be a conflict between Intel drivers and surface pro settings. Basically, it can't decide what light level to be on.

If anyone thinks this is a hardware issue, please let me know. Tomorrow is probably my last day to return it for a new one.



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I wonder if what you guys are seeing is the Intel Display Power Saving Technology (DPST) either kicking in (the perceived "flickering" or a bug in this functionality (the wild changes in brightness when going from light to dark scenes in video).

DPST adapts the brightness based on the screen contents to save power. In theory, this should happen in a way that the eye doesn't notice the change in brightness e.g. to coincide with a dark scene in a video. In practice I find it irritating and obvious, particularly on video and particularly at low brightness levels. This is above and beyond auto brightness and has nothing to do with ambient light levels; DPST is based solely on screen contents.

Anyway, long story short, if you want to disable it, check out this page:
Disable Intel Display Power Saving Technology on Surface Pro 4
Exactly, try Loccy's solution. The adaptive contrast bullshit* annoyed the hell out of me too, until I used the godsend solution linked above.

*being yet another moronic idea of Microsoft, or at least a moronic implementation of an otherwise pretty common idea - moronic especially since you can't disable it easily, since Intel's drivers are now integrated into OS and its settings unavailable to the average Joe
I notice a change in brightness from time to time... I will have to look into this. Thanks for the link