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Screen not sleeping at login screen.



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You mean, refresh.

Well I completely reinstalled windows erasing everything. I think MS calls it a reset which did fix the problem so far.
What I did run into is it didn't back up for a full day and considering I was still messing with everything I didn't like that so I started as new which is fine, I've formatted and reinstalled windows many of times through my years. I do wish MS migrated the patches into the restore partition files so I wouldn't have to redownload and install security updates, etc.

But yeah reinstalling windows and start new fixed the issue so far.


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Bummer that it happened, happy it seems to be resolved so far.

I had several issues with my SP3 out of the box, not major but stuff like this. Finally about a month into it I did a complete restore also, it fixed almost everything! I'm glad I did it.

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