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Screen Shaking Issue

Last month, it seems right after the last patch Tuesday in March, I started experiencing a strange shake in the screen when I held the Surface by the bezel (usually at the bottom, in landscape mode, with my right hand and my thumb just beside the start button). When I am on the start screen, all the tiles jut shake erratically. When this happens, sometimes I see 5 erratic dots right where I was holding it, just above the bezel. In either case, as this happens, the Surface is basically unusable. At first, it seemed that by merely removing my grip, and holding the screen another way, the shaking (and the dots) would disappear, and I could proceed with normal usage. However, it seems it has gotten worse. At times, when the shaking starts, it does not stop unless I turn off the screen, and turn it back on. And now it seems to happen no matter how I hold the device. Also, this behavior seems worse when I have the touch cover attached, and folded back while holding it in tablet mode. It is very frustrating! At times I can't prevent the shaking at all, and have to restart the device, or stop using for a while. It doesn't appear anyone on this forum has seen this issue. I searched the Microsoft help site and a few seemed to be experiencing this as well. One person said this behavior miraculously stopped occurring on its own, while another said, after they contacted Microsoft, they just sent him a new unit after his was returned. Has anyone else had this issue? And do you know if it is a hardware issue, or perhaps something that can be fixed with a firmware update? By the way, today is patch Tuesday for April, and I already updated my device. The problem is still there. Although it does seem to do it a bit less. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Oh, yeah, one more thing. I had my device since October 26th, 2012, and use it just about every day.
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I haven't heard of this particular issue but it seems like the place to start is a refresh followed by a reset if that doesn't work to see if that clears any software issue behind the problem. If those don't work you will probably want to contact MS and see if they can offer any help or exchange the unit.
Strangely, a few days after my original post, this problem seemed to go away by itself. My suspicion is that an update to one of the Microsoft store apps fixed it, but I have no idea which one. In any case, I'm glad it's gone, but I will definitely be more conscious of app updates through the Microsoft Store from now on.

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Your post describes the problem very well. I don't use mine every day and it has not become a real issue for me until recently. Since I didn't make a call to support before my warranty expired, 58 days ago, Microsoft will not work with me at all on repair or replacement. Even though this appears to have been a known issue before my warranty expired. Their first line support did a very good job trying to help me out but it appears to have made the issue worse. The tablet is unusable at this point. My next purchase will be from a company that recognizes internal issues and takes care of them. My only hope is that these posts will cost them more than the $200 minimum fee they say may take care of the problem. Any suggestions on a more reputable manufacturer would be greatly appreciated.