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Surface Book 2 Plugged in Not Charging


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I have this problem too on a Surface Book 13.5 inch with i7 dGPU. New machine only had it a few days. Often it will be plugged in and not charging, and will alternate back and forth between charging then not charging. Meanwhile there will be a clicking coming from the base as you can see it stopping and starting the charge between the two batteries. This also causes the brightness to dim back and forth between the two power profiles.

After plugging the charger in and out a few times it will steady itself and charge both batteries and then charge totally fine until 100% charge is reached.

Very frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this and is Microsoft aware of this problem and have a fix? I'm on update 1709 because when I upgraded to 1803 I experienced non stop blue screens caused by a cumulative update apparently so I had to roll back. Another major pain that just shouldn't be a problem as this device has been out a year.

Came off of a Surface Pro 4 which had screen shaking issues due to the GPU so this has not been a great experience. When they work they're great. Unfortunately they just have so many issues.

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