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Screen Tearing


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Hi all,

Not sure if others are having this issue, but regardless of the brightness setting, I'm getting random and frequent screen tearing. Similar to a driver issue on a desktop PC, where a horizontal section of the screen will flicker with pinks/greens/etc. Typically this is considered screen tearing. It happens usually in the top 1/3 of the screen or the bottom 1/3, but has happened in the middle as well. I'm not sure if the drivers or OS are causing the problem and a future update will fix it, but I wanted to see if others are seeing this. Happens on any application, especially desktop mode.


Surface 2 32GB w/64GB MicroSD.
I'm on with the Surface support chat right now, and they believe the device to have faulty hardware (so we're doing an exchange). Screen tearing is not something they know of or have been informed about. Just adding that in there for anybody coming around and seeing this with the same issue.