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FAT32 SD card


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My Surface Pro 3 will not read the SD card from my Nikon camera. I use a USB card reader since the Surface has no SD card slot. The same card & reader work perfectly in my other computers, but will not work in the Surface. I can't go to NTFS, because the camera uses only FAT32. Is there any workaround for this? Software maybe?
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Rob Cohen

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If you don't already have a backup of everything on the card make one now on the machine where it can be read.

Then I'd suggest plugging your card reader with the card in question on the Surface and checking Disk Management to see if it appears and is healthy/primary partition. If not there may be some corruption. Easiest thing is to just reformat it on the other machine and restore the backed up files if you wish. If that's the problem then it will now show up on the SP3. Or you can take care of it from Disk Management if you're familiar with it.

Keep us posted.