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sd card stuck in surface pro.


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Put sd card in and surface pro pick it up fine. Having trouble removing sd card. It sits flush with casing so can't pull out. Also tried pushing it in further too see if it would spring out but still no luck. Anybody with advice?
It requires that you depress it slightly further to get it to 'pop' back out. Do you have a spuggie tool sitting around? I used a piece of cardboard to get it back out when I shipped mine back.
surface pro - micro sd card stuck in card slot

I have the surface pro (not surface pro 2) and the microsd card is stuck in the slot.
Gently pressing it does not move it further nor does it pop out.

Has anyone had any resolution to this situation?
Finally! I had the same problem. I pushed the card little bit to the side, where apparently the spring was, and pushed down.
It then popped up.