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SD card suggestions

I've had my Surface RT about eight months, now. I'm pleased with it, to say the least. I haven't used the SD port, because the built in memory and the USP port have been sufficient. I'd like to get an SD card, at least to make sure the slot works. Thought I'd ask for suggestions on cards that members have found to be good, and those that should, perhaps, be avoided.
If you could give me a link to an existing thread, I'd appreciate it. I searched SD card, but didn't see any specific recommendations.
I USE Kingston 16 GB works find also SanDisk 32 GB ALL WORK OK. but I HAD A PROBLEM WITH WIN 8.1 IT DID NOT READ or write

so I retrun to WIN 8.0 AND THE MICRO SD CARDS WORK OK !!
I use a SanDisk 64GB SDXC model, grabbed it from an ebay auction for $40.

I am using a SanDisk 64GB SDXC as well. I have the Windows 8.1 preview release installed and haven't had any issues with it (in fact, I would say it works better than on 8.0).
I have a cheap 16gb card from maplins, not sure of the brand, not SanDisk for sure and have no issues on 8.1. I am planning on grabbing a 64gb soon and will probe get a SanDisk one. As long as its class 10 or better.
Be aware that they come in different "classes" and that a class 10 is fastest right now. Class 6 would be ok but I would not get a class 4. It should work but may seem a little slow.