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Hello All,

I am purchasing all of my accessories while waiting on my 128 Pro from the Microsoft Store. I was finally able to order it last night. So far I have my type keyboard, a Bluetooth mouse, and a VGA adapter. Does anyone know of a cheap place to pick up a 64 GB SD card? This is really odd, I have never bought the accessories first! Also, since the surface pro is a little deeper do I need a case made especially for it? Thanks..........
I got 2 32GB 30MB/sec Sandisk at my local BestBuy on sale for $28 each. Even Amazon was a little more with shipping and tax. But in general, Amazon and Newegg have some good deals. I am wary of buying from some dark corner of the internet to save $5 bucks. I have had my Surface Pro 128 since last Saturday and love it... All except the sleep / restart bug. The Wifi performance CAN be slow at time, not certain so far what causes this issue. But I think of mine like this: The Ultra Ultra-Book. Battery life under 4 hours or about 4 hours.
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I am wary of buying from some dark corner of the internet to save $5 bucks.

Absolutely. I am heavily into photography and continually hear of problems with counterfeit cards of various sorts. People buy what they think are legit cards (e.g. Sandisk) at a bargain price, they then fail, and eventually find out they were fake. Another safe place you may want to look is B&H Photo (BandH.com will get you there, for comparison their Sandisk 32G are $27). EBay especially has a horrible reputation for knockoffs masquerading as the real thing, and amazon marketplace as well (I don't know that I've heard of Amazon itself being a problem).

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Especially for photo gear but also memory and some computer supplies, I've found B&H is not always the cheapest, but if it is substantially cheaper than them then there's a scam behind it. Even if you never shop there, it's a good sanity check.
go to bestbuy get a class 10 64GB and price match it to amazon.


Best Buy will even price match it if you bring it up on your smartphone. No need to print.

You just have to make sure it's the same piece of gear. And that's easy.

BB was asking around $100 for the SanDisk 64GB class 10 - pulled it up on my phone showing Amazon has it for around $48...BB honored that.