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search for backup image ACRONIS ou CloneZilla Surface pro 4

Al Scino

New Member
Good morning all,

First, sorry for english, it's really bad :) !!

I got a Surface PRO 4 from an employee and wanted to reset.

I first tested with the windows tool and it crashed towards the end (I don't remember exactly the message, but it had something to do with BOOT SECURE).

I went into the bios and so I disabled boot secure.

I try my luck again, it's going pretty well and on restarting I have a message 0x0000034 blablabla.

To the great evils, the great remedies, I take a usb key and therefore prepare to do a classic reinstallation of windows.

Always the same with an even different msg, at the end of the installation "Windows could not update the boot configuration"

I look on the side of the forums, you have to download a recovery image of the SP4, what I do, I follow the installation tips etc ...

Always the same, suddenly not reinstall the tablet and no way to boot.

Now in the BIOS I have the acronym at the top right with the pictogram of a DD with a cross, and more way to choose my boot options: -s

I use WINPE and other boot tools the SSD is visibly healthy. I can perfectly play with the scores.

I ended up scratching all the partitions and trying again.

With 3 different USB keys always the same.

Today I am looking for an image created with zilla clone or acronis because it seems to work by cloning.

If you have other ideas or advice, I take it.

Thank you all.