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Search problems in Windows 8.1 solved -- for me

Arizona Willie

Active Member
For anyone who is running into problems with Search and Indexing not working, I finally got this DESKTOP to work again.
I went into Search / Data and saw that some files had today's date and when I tried to delete all the files in the Data directory ( wanting to start over ) it said they were being used by Search which indicated Search < was > working but the data was not being given to other routines / programs.

So I changed this entry in the Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search\SetupCompletedSuccessfully to 0 from 1.

Then a few hours later when I went to the Control Panel and checked on Indexing .. it showed me directories that were indexed where it had been blank before. Went to Explorer and did a Search and IT WORKED once again.

Solution was simply changing one screwed up Registry Entry.