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Microsoft Search Index out of control

This whole day while I was at school, this "Microsoft Windows Search Filter" has been running, overheating my SP3 and draining my battery. I went to Indexing Options, pressed paused which allowed me to end process via windows task manager. However, it came up again 15 minutes later. Rinse and repeat. I finally got home and allowed the index to do its thing. It finished and then I thought it was over. A few hours later after saving a document onto my desktop (and on my OneDrive as well), this windows search filter acted up and now my PC is indexing AGAIN.

Why does this happen and how can I prevent this?

Will this happen every time I save a document onto my SP3...?
Well it started indexing again...
This time I didn't do anything (other than send myself a document via the email app on the SP3).

And @Chris Grew, I am confused as to what your solution is. You deleted emails? I don't understand this business contact manager business.

If this indexing is a problem of using the email app, perhaps I should just remove the app then?
This is ridiculous.
Its just stuck on 6583 items indexed

EDIT: now its at 6589. It is just really slow. I still do not know why it is re-indexing after it already did so a few hours ago. Restarting the SP3 doesn't do anything since the index immediately resumes after.
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Hi Sorry to confuse you,

Look through my posts where I explain how to change the settings on the indexing. I discovered that it was a problem for me with my emails and suspect I had virus or similar in one which was freezing the indexing.

I need to keep all my emails against contacts hence using BCM to link them. A great tool even if you not running a business, but may be of no relevance to you.


Same principle of what was happening to me with my emails and that I suggested the above user look at.

I do like the idea of being able to selectively decide what gets Indexed, thereby tracking it to the problem.


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I'll check it out. But in the meantime, is there a way to just stop the indexing temporarily? I mean for like a day since I am currently at school. End process doesn't work via task manager. Neither does going to indexing options and hitting pause.
Have you done, Control Panel, All Control Panel Items, selected Indexing Options, then clicked on the Modify button?

You can then deselect everything and it will not be indexing.