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Today I wanted to add my work account to the email-app for my Surface RT.
When I did this, it said it had to change the security policy to add the account. I didn't really think about it (stupid, yes), and clicked "OK". Now I have to fill in my password every time I want to open my Surface (after 15min). I think this is very impractical, so I deleted my work account. But apparently the security policy didn't change. Not even when I restarted my Surface. I tried to find the options for security policy, but I can't find them. I hope you know a solution!

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My guess is that the account was an Exchange account as that frequently enforces a password. There are a couple ways to eliminate the password request but one thing you can do is simply get it to stop asking. Go to a command prompt and type netplwiz. In the screen that comes up select your account. Then uncheck the box upper left that says something about requiring a password. Click apply then enter the password, (twice) and click OK. You need to be a local admin to do that
Thanks a lot.
When I tried your solution I found the option to reset the security policy! Didn't find that before, so thanks again.