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I can't log on with my email account anymore


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I've recently bought a Surface Pro 3 and initially set it up with a user connected to a mail account. For this purpose I creadted an account on outlook.com. After that I created a local account and used that. Both accounts were working.

Now I need to log on with my email account again, but Windows keeps telling me that the credentials aren't right. If I use the same e-mailaddress and password to directly log on via the Internet to outlook.com, it works perfectly.

When I was logged on with my mail account I installed SQL Server. Since I could't add the local account as administrator, since it didn't exist yet, I now can't open SQL Server.

Who can help me?


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The password is still the same???
Before you login look at the lower left of the screen ... is the wireless connected??? tap the wireless icon to see details (must be on the login screen not the lock screen).
IF password has not changed and wireless is connected logon with local account and check the status of the other account. Control Panel - (view by category) Change Account Type
You should see both accounts in the panel
is the email account an Administrator, and not OFF or Locked?

Check the Event Log for security errors with the account
Look for Winlogon events it the System log or Errors in the Security Log.
Note the Event Id numbers and messages.


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Hi, @EllenHeijmans , welcome to the forum.

Check your email accounts from a different computer or smartphone (so that you can get onto it), and see if Microsoft sent you an email with a code or other instructions to confirm your credentials. You may have missed that confirmation email.