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Selecting tool desktop?


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Anyone else here who noticed how the selecting tool at the desktop(click and drag) lags when you're using the touch screen. But not when using a type cover or mouse. Why is it such a big difference?


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I have problems with lag in file manger once in a while. I think it is best to use the Touch/Type cover in file manager because the movement have to be so precise.


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It's by design and the nature of touch, it is referred to as touch and hold, and it is not lag.


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You can call it whatever you want, but give me an example on a touch input device, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, that doesn't do that.

IMO it's awful but functional. Too many times I moved files from one to another and due to lag it dropped them in the wrong folder. On the bright side Arnold since you taught me how to change the screen from 100% to 125% it's been much better. Old fart out.