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Send mail stuck in outbox (Mail App)


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At about 1.20pm today my Mail App stopped sending mail and started keeping it in the outbox. I didn't figure this out for about 6 hours. Now, I want to send the emails. AND I CAN'T SEE HOW TO DO IT. this app is so stripped down I can't navigate it. new surface pro user here, not loving it so far. please, please help me. I JUST WANT TO SEND MY EMAIL. ugh.


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I have seen this before when a message got stuck in the outbox due to some sort of malformed header or something similar. Assuming it had been working deleting the oldest message may free it up. (the first one that got stuck). This also assumes you still have a connection to the Internet.


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I experienced this frequently on both 8.1 and 10. A simple "hello" test email would just sit doing nothing, and as you say, unless you go looking, you'd never know your emails were not sent I had to resort to using browser based email.

It fixed itself in the end, didn't do anything, but I still find the app to be buggy and will rarely pull emails when they're delivered. It'll often take upto an hour for a new email to show in mail despite it being sat quite happily in my phone or tablets inbox.