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Strange contact behavior in Mail app


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My mail account is listing my daughters name for my email address and I can't figure out where its pulling it from or get it to stop. Outlook.com somehow merged my email address for my daughters. So I removed it from her contact in the Outlook.com which took it out of the people app, and that didn't solve it, so I wiped out her Outlook.com contact completely but its still there. In the mail app it lists her name as send tos as well as receiving. I understand that this is just cosmetic on my end and that my email recipients aren't seeing it but its frustrating that the mail app is doing this and won't recognize when I made a change to the contact. Any idea on how to fix it? Can't figure out where its pulling from.
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Go into the people app and choose your contact swipe up and choose edit than link than tap either your name or hers to unlink them. This happened to alto of my contacts so I know what you mean. :yelling:


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Thanks - I got it working by pretty much deleting all my accounts and re-entering but I think the unlink command would have solved it too. Now I just need a way to get outlook.com contacts to sync to Google and an android phone. None of the newest syncing tricks seem to work since the latest people update. The Android Hotmail connector put out by ms is useless.


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I don't agree about it being useless. I sync my emails and calendar with it on my Sony Xperia V, and before that HTC One V. Far from being useless.
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