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sending emails from mail app


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having no luck sending emails from surface mail app - not arriving at destination. other computers on home network are having no problems. outbox has the emails listed yet the sent file has nothing. any ideas? thanks for all the help so far on other matters and thanks in advance for any help on this one.
Please tell us, what sort of email account you're using (Pop3/Imap/EAS), but first compare your settings to those on your other Computer like Arnold stated.
hi again

i am using imap. pardon my ignorance where do i find the email settings on the surface?
hi again

i am using imap. pardon my ignorance where do i find the email settings on the surface?

Ok, that's agood start. Open Mail app, then Charms, then Settings. Pick your account, and make sure both SSL settings are not checked.
tried unchecking the ssl settings still no luck. the settings look the same as other computers on the home network - should the ports be the same value on all computers or is there a default for each computer?
I use IMAP too but my port numbers are very different. Your email service provider should have setup recommendations.
thanks for all your help - for my provider the ports are 143/587 . during setup of the mail app the ports were entirely different numbers so using the network port numbers has fixed the problem. also how do you delete outgoing emails - can't seem to find a way to do this? hopefully once i get that right i will not bother you people again.
Mails in Outgoing will eventually be sent, and will no longer be listed. No further action required.
I'm just trying to send mail using the RT mail app from my outlook.com account. I sent about 5 emails out successfully today, and now all emails since then are stuck in the Outbox. I unchecked the SSL box. Am I missing something else?

Update 1/11/2013: NEVERMIND, I solved it. As usual, user issue. Didn't understand my new Outlook.com address is a new Windows ID and couldn't be connected to my original Windows ID.
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