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Set the song you like as ringtone on Windows Phone 8


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Setting the chorus of your favourite song as the ringtone on your Windows Phone 8 device is a fiddly but not impossible task. Here’s where we show you how to set a song as your ringtone on Windows Phone 8.
In advance, make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer and the computer is compatible well with Windows Phone 8.

Step one
Locate the track that you want as your ringtone and import it to iTunes. From here you need to right click on the song and hit the Get Info option.


Step two
Once you are in Get Info on the song, you need to open the Options tab and then half way down the window you need to enter the start and finish time of the part of the song you want. We advice to keep the ringtone length to under 30-seconds for compatibility issues.


Step three
Now that you have given the track you want a new start and finish time so that it starts at your favourite bit, you need to right click on the song again and select Create AAC Version. Once this has finished, you need to drag and drop the new song on to your desktop.


Step four
Conenct your Windows Phone 8 device to your computer and Explore its folders. The folder you need to copy and paste your new AAC file into can be found in Computer > Windows Phone > Phone > Ringtones. After you have pasted the song into the Ringtones folder you should see the option “Do you want to conver [your song] before it is copied to your device”, click yes, as Windows will automatically convert the AAC file into a compatible Windows Phone 8 file.


Step five
Once the song has been converted, disconnect your Windows Phone 8 device from your computer and open Settings and then Ringtones+Sounds on the smartphone. From here you will find the file you have just pasted at the top of the page under the title Custom. All you need to do now is select the file and then you are all set.


That wasn’t too tricky, was it?