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Settings App freezes up when About tab is selected


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I have had an ongoing bug with Windows 10 Settings App on my SP3. Most of the time (but not always) the Settings app freezes up (locks up the App) when I navigate to >System>About (click the mouse on About). I can close the app window, but when I do so the settings menu item on the Startup Menu no longer works (i.e. I click Settings and the app does not launch). Note that when I restart the PC or shut down, the settings app will now launch, but the problem with About tab freezing up will recur most of the time. Perhaps 20% of the time the About PC information will appear normally.

My current build is Windows 10 Pro 10586.17. I reset the PC yesterday, so this is a fresh Windows 10 build, but the problem persists.

Anyone experience this problem and/or have advice to fix?


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I never noticed this until the recent "Fall" update... but it happened every time so I don't go there anymore ;)


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Glad to hear I'm not the only SP3 owner with this bug. I have two other laptops running Windows 10, ASUS and Sony Vaio, and neither has this problem.
Count me in as well. This has happened in every version of Windows 10 since its release. I find if I have been using the SP3 for a longer period and go in there that this is when this is more likely to happen. Right after boot up I can get in there. Not a big deal but more of an attention to detail kind of thing.