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Surface 3 Pro screen freeze, but Spotify and Cortana still work


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Hello everyone!

I'm having a problem with my Surface Pro 3 I3 4gb 64GB SSD. It freezes. A lot. And it is annoying as hell. What happens is that when I'm just doing my regular stuff, browsing the internet, uploading files to OneDrive, clearing up my library, stuff like that, all of a sudden my Surface decides to freeze. The music from Spotify keeps playing and when Cortana is talking to me she keeps talking as well, the only thing that happens is that the screen freezes and doesn't respond anymore.

Sometimes the Surface starts responding normally again after a few seconds, but most of the time I have to press the power button once (so the screen goes off) and than just wake it up again. When I unlock the Surface (I don't have to sign in) the Surface responds just fine like nothing has happened.

Sometimes I don't have any problems for a whole afternoon, then the next day every five minutes.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem? It seems to me to be some sort of graphical problem. The drivers are all up-to-date and so is Windows 10 itself (I just checked). I have been searching the internet for a week now and I haven't found a solution yet...