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Should I up to Pro 4 or 2017?


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I have the Pro 3 since it first came out and had no probs with it.

I am thinking of upgrading but not sure about the big spend to 2017.

Does the up to Pro 4 give a difference to 3?

I would like to be able to add a card and a sim but they are not really a big deal breaker.



The LTE version of the Surface Pro 2017 is supposedly coming out in October. Maybe the 17th at the same time as the Fall Creators Update. Just gotta wait and see.


What would be the dif in the regular and the lite versions.. and price?

Any ideas
The LTE version has cellular connectivity so you could add a SIM card and use the Internet anywhere on the go. The iPad's cellular version is priced $150+ CDN more than their Wi-Fi versions so the Surface Pro 2017 would probably be priced similarly. I really don't know and anyone could speculate. Hopefully Microsoft will have the screen light bleed fixed for the LTE versions.