1. N

    SPro 3 Wake on Power

    I am looking for a solution for turning my surface on from shut down when the power is connected to the tablet. I know this is available on some of the newer devices. Wondering if there is a solution for the surface pro 3. The link below is a guide on how to do this on the newer devices...
  2. M

    Replacement screen/digitizer for a SP5 in my SP3?

    I saw this page where they replaced the SP4 screen with a SP5 screen because of the hardware issues (flickering) of the SP4 screen. https://www.most-useful.com/screen-flickering-on-surface-pro-4-solved-permanently/ When I try to actively search on google for replacing the SP4 screen with a SP5...
  3. I

    SP3 won't take charge

    Using SP3 last night, plugged into mains, with phone charging from USB port, like I've done many times before. Got a notification that I had 10 minutes battery tont remaining, and noticed the light in the charging adapter was flashing. SP3 is without charge now and the charger is still flashing...
  4. O

    Why so many problems with my Surface Pro 3?

    op of the line SP3 in 2016. Problem so far: 0) Machine gets very hot on every use, and often overheats eg. during upgrades 1) Had to replace typecover twice (yes, tried every software fix possible) 2) Windows upgrades usually get stuck. I need to spend days to fix it. 3) Windows crashed...
  5. D

    dead typecovers

    why have so many people had trouble with their type covers since mid 2017? Mine pefectly OK one day - totally dead the next! It is not detected in device manager. My SP3 is now junk as a work tool. Update history says keyboard driver 1.1.504.0 successfully installed on25th of August...
  6. O

    Should I up to Pro 4 or 2017?

    Hi, I have the Pro 3 since it first came out and had no probs with it. I am thinking of upgrading but not sure about the big spend to 2017. Does the up to Pro 4 give a difference to 3? I would like to be able to add a card and a sim but they are not really a big deal breaker. Thanks
  7. L

    Today (18March) MS Update bricked my SP3

    Hi Horrendous day. Got the MS Update today, and as usual, went through the longish install routine. Finally reached the desktop. No mouse (MS Sculpt Comfort Wireless mouse), no taskbar and most applications would not start. Could only get the windows touch button at middle right screen edge to...
  8. I

    Changing Users Causes Tablet Mode Issues

    I've been using my SP3 for a couple years without incident, but now I've started sharing it with my spouse. When one of us is logged in under our profile, and we try to switch to the other, frequently the incoming user's profile doesn't "boot" into tablet mode. This means the touchscreen isn't...
  9. M

    Touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen not working since recent Win10 Updates.

    Hello, Both my touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen technology seem to have all gone down since rencent updates occured just before or over the weekend. I have tried enable/disable and uninstall/reinstall all the HID compliant drivers in Device Manager. I have not yet found the drivers to try to...
  10. H

    Another charging problem!

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I bought a SP3 from a friend. For about an hour it worked perfectly, I loved it. Then it died without me realising the battery was low and it hasn't worked since. The light on the charger is solid, doesn't flash at all. When I press the power button I get the low...
  11. kmcspringford

    Battery not detected

    So all of a sudden my SP3 will not detect the battery and I'm told that MS knows about this and is working on a patch. It seems to have occurred after the last update. Anyone else having this issue? Do we know when the update will come through? Would a factory reset take care of the issue...
  12. P

    High Definition Audio Controller Not Working

    Hey, I've had this problem for days and I cannot find a fix for it. One of the two High Definition Audio Drivers is showing an exclamation mark over it in the Device Manger, and this now means that I cannot get audio over HDMI, which is a big issue for me, as I mainly use my SP3 when...
  13. P

    Thinking of upgrading my SP3 to SP4 - a few questions...

    Hi all. I'm hoping a few SP4 users could help me out. If you had an SP3 in the past too, that would be even better :) I'm getting increasingly frustrated with my SP3 - I rage almost daily now. I think I blame Windows 10 more than the device itself, but whether it's a case of just doing a fresh...
  14. A

    [OneNote,SP3,Annotation,NoCloud] Use of OneNote* On SP3

    Greetings Ladies and Gents. Firstly, thank you for hosting this space to let professionals and users alike to meet and help each other solving issues and glitches that are the daily bread when dealing with technology! :) Being this my first post, please bear with me if topic classification...
  15. E

    Type cover not being recognised.

    Around Christmas my type cover began to have problems being connected and I would have to disconnect it and reconnect it or sometimes restart my sp3 to get it working again. Then it stopped working all together. The only thing that I havent tried to do myself is do a factory reset. I have also...
  16. AMDT

    Keyboard Problems With Surface Pro 3

    Keyboard Problems (SP3) Okay. Here's the problem: the keyboard (SP3 version) at some point in the last few weeks has stopped responding/typing with my Surface. At first, I thought it was just that the keyboard was faulty, but after buying a new SP3 keyboard and attaching it to the SP3, I found...
  17. M

    Surface Pro 3 Battery Life with Windows 10

    Hi, I just bought an SP3 with Windows 10. What is the average battery life most users with similar device get for daily use? Mine is updated to the latest firmware already. Last testing I got is like these (25% screen brightness, wifi on, time is measured from 100% battery until it shuts down...
  18. C

    Surface Pro 3 I7, 8gb, 512gb

    Hi Folks, I'm selling my SP 3 with everything that came in the original box plus the original box, an extra pen, Surface keyboard, a UAG hard case, and a soft sleeve. Excellent condition. Asking $1,100.00 shipped and insured. US Only. Pay Pal preferred. Hi folks,
  19. No_ax_to_grind

    SP3 port replicator spacer for SP4

    Has anybody received theirs? I know they're free, but I don't live near a Microsoft store to just walk in and get one (if they have them). Ordered one on-line going a month ago and it's nowhere in sight.
  20. C

    SP3 + Win 10 + Office 2016 -> Missing Ribbon\Text

    Hi All, I'm running Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10, Office 2016 365 Pro and continual having Outlook windows losing the ribbon and various icons. I have been living with it for the last few weeks but wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. I have attached a screen shot of a...