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Simple solution to many problems = Internet Explorer


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I have read up on many posts on various problems and the number one solution is using Internet Explorer instead of Edge.....I made Internet Explorer my default browser and a lot of problems have disappeared...please try it and tell me what you think.....if you cant find IE search Cortona and it will come up.

post your results..


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yeah...did that and I agree, much better, other than the fact that I can't use Edge and forced to use IE. hopefully just a bandaid until fixed


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I switched my default to IE 2 days ago and it's been much better. But... my video driver just crashed today while browsing this site in IE.
Hopefully it doesn't become as frequent as it was in Edge. Either way, MS has until the end of my return window to come out with a fix or it's going back.


IE crashes constantly on me.

Pages pause, lock up, anything with anything that moves. I usually goto a forum, click on 10-12 threads I want to read and open them in all new tabs.

Trying to this is IE leads to frozen pages, pages that load 1/2 way, pages that do not respond, or worse pages that load but you cannot scroll through.


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In IE you need to add the Tracking lists which block ADs. in Manage Add-ons - Tracking Protection
I use Easy List, Easy Privacy, and Stop Google Tracking.
This is part of the problem with Edge, it's getting killed with ADs and there's no Add-on support. You can do a Hosts file to block sites but there are downsides too.