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Skinomi case


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Got my Skinomi brushed metal vinyl skin and installed it last night. Looks pretty slick and adds some texture to the device for grip. I had the black carbon fiber style one on my RT. The carbon fiber one is thicker. Pretty easy to install and adds some protection, its a dry installation. Comes with a screen protector, but I don't like them, not just theirs but the feel of screen protectors in general. When I wear this one out or get sick of it I think I'd go for the silver carbon fiber next.

Here is one of my old RT with the black carbon fiber look.



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That looks pretty nice actually, and I like your kitchen! I wonder if you could hydro dip anything electrical, I guess you'd have to take it apart first. There's someone on another forum that lives near me providing this service, some of it is just amazing...



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It may affect the heat dissipation slightly, but I don't know the heat dissipation properties of either material. The vents are not blocked or altered at all. For what it's worth, I had no problems with the black carbon fiber one on my RT.

Thanks for the compliment on the kitchen, that's actually my wife's doing, she picked all the stuff out. I just have to get the crown molding installed yet on the top of the cabinets.

That hydro dip looks sweet. How durable is it? I've watched some videos on you tube of surface pro disassembly...not quite ready to do that yet.