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Surface Pro 2 All Dressed Up!


Sir Face

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My primary reason for using the Skinomi skin is for protection (not so much the looks) of the PS2's rather delicate and easily scratched finish. The material the skin it is made from is used to protect the surface (pun intended) of military helicopter blades from sand abrasion in desert operations. I like keeping my gear spotless for retain its resale value when the newest toy comes along and I want to eBay it.
The nice thing is, all you have to do is peel it off, which can be done in two minutes, and you have a pristine Surface underneath! The "SURFACE" logo is merely etched into the anodized finish and all you have to do I
rub a little "White Out" over it and quickly rub it off to restore its appearance to brand new.
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...Curious to all those that have skinned: do the skins trap heat and make the device run hotter?
The metal is engineered to dissipate heat along with the side vents -- so theoretically covering the metal with a case or with a sticker would interfere with that -- can't speak to how much so as I'm not one to cover my SP2 with a sticker...