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"Skinomi" Surface 3 skin- Quick Review


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here is a quick review of the Skinomi Surface 3 skin available here. i wanted something that would stop the S3 from being scratched and i stumbled across these skins. the plan is to use one of these and a glass screen protector when they become a bit less expensive.

I ordered the silver carbon fiber pattern because its a similar color to the silver magnesium finish.

- added grip
- easy to apply
- high quality material

- looks a little cheesy (depends on your taste it has grown on me a bit)
- screen protector looks horrible.

Overall I really like this skin but I purchased it with the plan of not suing the screen protector. and after applying the screen protector and using it for a few days I could not stand it. it looked bad and felt to grippy for a touch screen device.

if you guys have any other questions on it let me know. simple review for a simple skin. ill let you know how it holds up over time.

Given the dimensions of the SP Pro 4, other than possibly the left side of the SP 4, I think the SP Pro 3 version of this would work as a stopgap for the SP4 Pro until everyone comes out with updated skins. Want to skin mine as soon as I receive it as I'll be in motion from the moment it arrives.