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Skype camera issues SP2


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So, used Skype for the first time since getting my SP2 this morning for about 45 minutes. While using it I noticed freezing on the video, the video that was being sent out from my SP2. Now, I know quality isn't perfect all the time, but I noticed the light for my front camera flashing, going off briefly, when the video I was sending out would freeze. There is no way that I think that could be related to a slow internet connection. I have a Charter cable internet connection, usually tests at about 35x3.

Anyone else experience that with Skype on their SP2? I couldn't find anything in the settings that I thought would affect the camera performance.

I've used Skype on Android phones and tablets, Surface RT, and iPad4 and none of those devices have ever done this. I only use Skype about every other week as my mom lives over 1000 miles away from me and that's the only way she can see her grandson regularly.