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Rear Camera not 'straight' - is this normal?


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I've never noticed before as I haven't really tried taking photo's with my SP2, but I've just found that when trying to take a photo of something from above using the rear facing camera (was taking pictures of something to sell on eBay), the image is at a weird angle and all off-centre.

This is particularly pronounced when taking a picture in portrait mode. Rather than position the subject directly under the camera, I have to tilt the surface to a 45 degree angle.

I'm just wondering if this is normal/by design. I can imagine that if you're using the kickstand then this might be to compensate for the angle, but it's just a bit weird when using the device to take normal pictures.

Anybody tried this, are yours the same?
Yes, that's even advertised like that on MS's site.
You guessed right, the idea is so it can take "straight" pictures when you use the kickstand...
The cams are made for video-chatting anyways, not for taking pictures!