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Solved Skype Metro app weird problem


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Hi everyone !

I need some help.

I am experiencing a weird problem with my Skype MUI:

when I start the app, the app "seems to start normally" but after 2-3 seconds is scrashes and stop by itself, and brings me back to the Metro interface.

I've done a lot of things since I used skype for the last time.

Among these things, I've updated the Intel HD 4400 driver, installed Microsoft .Net Framework, I think the 3.5 version, to be able to use Adobe Digital Edition, and I also changed how some services start in services.msc.

I've changed back the Intel driver to the version provided by Microsoft and also checked the services that are starting manually. But nothing seems to work.

Does anyone experienced such a behavior ?
Is there any "mandatory" service linked to the launch of skype ?

Thanks for the help.


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Not seeing this issue, but also I started using the desktop version of Skype.

You could try uninstalling Skype and install it again to see if it helps.