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Strange behavior in Metro News and Sports app


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So I've been experiencing this weird behavior in the Metro MSN News and Sports apps. Occasionally the main article that dominates the screen will get "stuck" for days and never change. I end up having to uninstall and reinstall the app and then it's fine again. That's only in the News app. Another issue is when I'm reading an article and at the end, there's a few related articles on the right hand side in a grayish sidebar, and when I tap one of them to read it, the app starts rapidly cycling through random stories and ends up on one I didn't even want. After it does this once, it doesn't happen again. Same is true for the Sports app as far as "news article roulette" is concerned. It's pretty annoying and it has been happening for as long as I've had the device (Sept '14). I've done a few refreshes and even 2 complete reinstalls from scratch (rollback to 8.1 from W10 TP-yay!) and the issue still persists.

Has anyone experienced this problem, and if so, have you been able to resolve it? I hate to say it's hardware or firmware, but considering the refreshes and wiping it and reloading it didn't fix it, I can't pin it on anything else. Thanks guys!



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Those apps are what amounts to bloatware that MS installs on the start screen. I doubt that 1 in 10,000 people use them I know they're the among the first apps to get blown off my start screen when I complete a login for the first time in 8.1. I say this because you're unlikely to get too many answers to you the problem you're having. It would help you a lot if you had 8.1 installed on another computer that you could test it with. My inclination would be that the problem is in the app and not the computer hardware or firmware.

Sorry for not being of much help but I just wanted to give you a heads up of why you might not get a whole bunch of feed back. I've been on this forum for at least a couple of years and I've never seen any questions or comments about MS's bloatware apps they force on the Start screen when completing a new Surface setup. Occasionally I go to MSN.com on the Internet. You might try getting your MSN news from there.
I haven't experienced what OP's seeing. I do occasionally use the app as I think it's nice looking and useful app.

To OP: have you tried Flipboard for news? I like it a lot and haven't had any issues with it.


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I don't think it's a software or app issue since I've done 2 clean installs of 8.1 and 1 refresh. I'm not sure how it could or would be a hardware or firmware issue, but stranger things have happened. I was running 8.1 on my work machine (now W10 TP) for about a year and had no issues. Just seems weird.

I do have Flipboard, but find myself still using the MSN News and Sports app. I have ever since my original Surface RT. Old habits die hard apparently...

Thanks for your responses gents!


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I don't use the MSN sports news app but do use the news one and noticed the issue where the front page didn't update after a while. Deleting and reinstalling the app fixed the issue but I had to do it a few times as it stopped updating after a few days. Last time I reinstalled the app was back in March and I haven't had a problem since. I use the MSN Money app as well, but that has always updated normally so I think it's an API issue with the news app.

BTW, the MSN suite of apps (including the weather one) is well laid out with many useful features that are simple to use and I know many people using them. They are resource-friendly and work well in conjunction with CS and would hardly call them bloatware.