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SL3 not detecting SSD


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This SL3 I have on the desk here is being a bit bitchy, first I had the problem that the Surface recovery image didn't boot no matter what I did. I just saw that another user lately posted this exact issue. Knoppix (a live linux flavor) did boot as well as a generic Win 11 installation stick that I made. However the Win 11 installation does not detect neither the keyboard nor the touchpad so that I had to use an external mouse. Then later it does also not recognize the SSD which is a new 1TB Micron one. Unfortunately I don't have another SSD that fits.

As I don't know the history of this device I wonder what to do to find out whether it's just being bitchy in some way or whether something is actually broken. And of course what to do in either case. Any help appreciated.

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Is there a specific driver for this SSD.
MS doesn't include SURFACE drivers in the standard image anymore probably because of vendor complaints ergo you need a USB Keybd and mouse during installs.
Also if the SSD driver isn't in the image you need to load it.


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You shouldn't need any specific driver for the installation. Once Windows is installed, use Windows Update and install the Surface app.