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Slight Bowing in Plastic Around Camera


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Hi Everybody.

Had my Surface for about 3 weeks now, and it's a fantastic device. However it's not without its problems (bring on the next patch tuesday!) - but it's been getting better with every update.

My issue is with the piece of black plastic at the top of the Surface where the camera is. Towards the power button end of the plastic on the back side (aligned with one of the microphones on the top) the plastic bows out a little, and then at the end of it (beside the power button) it is able to be pressed with movement being felt.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? I haven't attached a photo as it would not show the issue in much detail.

No problem with mine. I actually have had none of the type of build defects I've read about on this forum. I preordered and have had my Surface since day 1 and despite fairly heavy use I remain pleased with the quality.
Yep - I have the same in the same place. Makes a slight creaking noise if you press it. Been keeping an eye on it but it's been there almost from day one (1st Nov) and hasn't got any worse.
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