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So long everyone :-)


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It's been fun.

Sold my Surface Pro today and ordered a Sony Flip 13. Just need more real estate and love the new form factor. Decided against the Yoga 2 Pro or the Dell XPS 11 due to the severe scaling issues with external monitors. Too bad, love the qHD resolution but who knows when MS well ever allow independent zooming of external monitors? They have been promising for a year now and nothing, even with 8.1.

Have enjoyed the stay. Good luck to everyone and good luck to the Surface :)

P.S., Yep I really sold it this time so I'm a ghost.


Hey, you're welcome around these parts whether you have a Surface or not. Visit whenever you get the inkling.


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Dropped by BestBuy today to see if the Vaio Flip had arrived to pet and they had a Yoga 2 Pro i5 128 GB 3200 x 1800 13.3 inch convertible on sale for $899. Wow. I simply could not resist. Cancelled my Vaio Flip (which cost $300 more for a lesser config and got the Y2P).

All I can say is amazing. For $899 insanely amazing. Haven't tried it with an external monitor yet but when I do I will just use the external for things where large scaling like Word docs doesn't matter. P.S., The couple I sold my SP to were ecstatic. Nice to know it found a good home.
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So long mitchellvii, you made me mad and sometimes laugh, many at the same time. Stay safe and we'll hear from you when you return.


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Mitch, say it ain't so. Who shall we spar with? I'd like hear your thoughts on the Yoga 2. I must admit it made me do a double take. Perhaps I'll join their forum and see if I can sway you and some other lost souls back to the SP light.

Good luck.