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Software issues?


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Hello all. I received yesterday my SP3. Very happy with it.
I am Professor in Spain, and I was looking forward this great device for my research and teaching. I work with a lot of PDF (journal articles, ebooks, documents sent by students...), and I was hoping to be able to use Drawboard.
I have read other thread (The Student/Productivity Thread) suggesting some useful apps, such as Drawboard and FlashCards PRo.
My problem is that I cannot get those two apps to work. They do not open and throw me to desktop each time I tried. I have reinstall them several times, but the problem persist.
In Drawboard PDF, I have tried to create a new document instead of opening an existing one, but always the same: I only get to the screen saying "Opening Document...", before it returns to desktop. If then I try to open Drawboard again I see two screen: the first "Drawboard Pdf" and then it tries again to open document with no success and the same problem...
I have all the updates install. I would think this is a problem with Drawboard, but since I have a very similar problem with Flashcards PRo maybe there is another explanation... Anyone?
Thanks in advance.


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I can only suggest looking in the Application Event Log for the errors launching the app for clues.

Run Eventvwr look at Windows Logs - Application
Its a long shot.


I don't use Drawboard, but for me, PDF Annotator is the best pdf program for me.
I use a lot of PDFs in 2 main ways.
1. I teach at a university and have PDFs of all of the course material I give to students. I display it on the projector in class and type and ink on it. The inking in pdf Annotator is just as good as inking in onenote and Word. Also, the full screen mode of PDF Annotator hides all tool bars except a small shortcut bar which you can customise with your most used tools. It means there is nothing distracting the students from the text. When inking, you can scroll/zoom with your fingers and write with the pen.

2. I also use PDF Annotator to read and highlight journal articles. Again, the full screen mode with shortcut toolbar is perfect for making the best use of the screen real estate.